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Reasons To Use Shopify For Your Business

In this article, we’ll talk about the reasons to use Shopify for your business. Everyone has a business idea that they want to implement and earn from it. With technology, all these can be done with a click of a button.

Forget the early days where one needed to go through so many channels before starting up. These days you don’t even need to visit an office to start a business.

Everything has become easy to do. From business transactions to communications and tracking of goods; all these can be done under one platform.

Technology also has helped develop different platforms that people can use to grow their reach. Such platforms are helping businesses grow and transact easily.

A good example of such a platform is Shopify.

What is Shopify?

It’s a Canadian-based company that provides Software as a Service to its clients. This means that one can use Shopify to sell, showcase and buy goods.

It allows people to transact online securely. It also gives a chance to merchants to reach out to many and transact without hassle. Removes inconveniences of business transactions.

With Shopify, one can start and run a business without renting a storage space. With your product, service delivery and marketing get your business growing.

It makes it convenient for everyone to own a business. It also provides a secure gateway for merchants and consumers to transact freely.

Shopify brings people together; makes businesses run without a physical store, payments done securely, and goods delivered on time.

Services Shopify provides

1. Business marketing

This is making people aware of your business. It also means reaching out to many all over the globe and making them your clients.

There are many ways one can reach out to people. Social media is the best approach since almost everyone is on social media. However, there is a more targeted approach.

The targeted approach is email marketing. This is sending targeted emails to several clients and making them aware of offers and important business information.

One can also use ads and Google. These two are commonly used to sell your business and are effective since one can measure results.

Shopify offers you all these and more. They enable you to reach a wide target and get transacting online securely. Offer you convenience and great deals to help your business grow.

2. Business management

Shopify has the best tools to manage your finances, inventory, shipping, and more. This means that you can manage everything from one place.

With inventory management, get to know what product sells and when to add a product to the shelf. Manage your shelf from the comfort of your home.

When you are down on cash Shopify comes to help you out. They have a capital program where they lend money to eligible Shopify members.

Forget worries and transact easily with Shopify. Get access to finances whenever you want and keep your business operations running at ease.

3. Online presence

Shopify is a store builder; one can create an online store easily from it. This means that you can build your online store and start a business without hassle.

One can then proceed to business transactions without the need for setting up a shop. Get your products, capture photos, and create an inventory on your online store.

When you choose Shopify you are allowing your business to grow. You are also making it easy for many to reach and transact with you.

Not only does your business grow but managing it becomes also easy. Providing services and goods too become convenient and saves a lot of hassle.

Once you go live transactions too become live; clients get a safer way to pay for goods and services. This also makes the transactions easy.

4. Selling place

This is a place where you can showcase your goods, check out other merchants and view reviews, and more. Also, get access to many other services at ease.

Get to know the business operations that you should implement for your business. Transform your idea into the best and grow your sales.

One also gets to interact and share more about their business. This platform helps many identify the best places to get service providers and how best to better their allows everyone services.

There are many other services of Shopify. When you choose Shopify you save your business from a lot of hassle. It also makes it easy for anyone to manage their business.

How does Shopify work

Shopify as an online platform allows you to create an online store. With the store, one can transact securely and showcase their goods and services.

Once you sign up to use Shopify you get access to various business tools. This means that one can create a store, inventory, and market it, then later begin selling and shipping goods.

Helps you work without the need for a physical location. Shopify hands you the business platform that is easy to manage and provides a secure way to transact.

It works by you choosing a plan, design and setting up the payment methods. Once all these have been done it is time for you to create an inventory.

An inventory can include photos, videos, and descriptions of a product. It’s best to provide quality content that will make the customer interested and get your product.

Get incentives on setting up your store from clients. Get to know what sells best and make a part of your brand. Also, use social media to promote your brand.

Can you use Shopify for free?

Yes, Shopify has an offer where one can sign up and transact without spending a dime.

Use Shopify

However, this plan is limited, for free for only 14 days on sign-up. This gives you a chance to check out how Shopify works.

Shopify has other plans:

1. Shopify Lite

This is a basic plan which costs less than other plans. Lite means that you are using Shopify as a storefront; when your website isn’t hosted with them.

You just use the Shopify buy button and integrate it into your site. It makes it easy for you to sell both online and offline. This means selling on an existing website rather than creating a store.

This plan is easily customizable and costs just $9/month. This makes it easy for anyone to start and run an online shop without starting from scratch.

2. Basic Shopify

It’s a popular plan that has access to a variety of services. Get a chance to set up a store and implement payment methods that you need,

This plan costs just $29/month. It’s best for new businesses with in-person sales.

3. Shopify

This plan provides more; it’s best used for growing businesses. As a business grows it needs more resources and Shopify plan provides.

This plan just costs $79/month. It can be used for selling online or in-store businesses.

4. Advanced Shopify

This is the best plan of all. As it states it’s advanced and one has access to features and tools that other plans can’t provide. Business management becomes easy.

This plan is only $299/month. It’s best suited for businesses that are scaling businesses that require advanced reporting.

Is Shopify good for your business?

Yes, Shopify is the best to use for your business. Their plans are affordable and besides you get to customize your store the best way you want.

Shopify makes it easy for you to start, advertise, and sell your goods and services online. They also makes it safe for your clients to transact with you.

It makes a business transaction easy and also hands you the best tools to manage your business resources and make the best returns.

Shopify also opens doors to entrepreneurs to grow their business ideas and implement them for growth. It’s easy to reach out to many with Shopify.

Why Use Shopify For Your Business

1. Building platform

Shopify itself is a store builder. This means that one has access to a variety of tools that they can use to grow their business and transact conveniently.

Shopify also offers you an opportunity to create the best platform. This means it’s easy to transact, sell and grow your business securely.

The platform is not limited. Shopify allows you to keep growing and with their plans, one can scale their businesses easily. With the platform, you can build the best store and transform your business to be the best.

2. Flexibility

It feels great managing everything from one place. Shopify platform allows you to grow the business and offers easy management of the business.

They have inventory management, shipping tracking, cart and checkout management, and many other tools that will help you manage the business.

Besides, you don’t need a physical store for your business. You can manage your business from the comfort of your home.

3. Ease of use

Using Shopify is easy. It has a drag and drop interface for you to create a store. Also, they provide themes that means you don’t have to create from scratch.

Their design is easy and everyone can interact with it easily. Managing your store also is easy with their well-laid interactive interface.

Transact with your clients easily and keep growing your business without hassle. When you run into issues, Shopify support is ready to help.

4. Support

When it comes to getting help, Shopify customer care is always ready to help. One can reach them through email, calls, chats, and more channels.

It’s also equipped with a blog, help center, community, podcasts, and encyclopedias that help you navigate the online business world.

Shopify ensures that its clients get the best services and keep growing at ease. They also guarantee that your business can reach many and transact securely.

5. Marketing and reach out

It gives everyone an opportunity to sell their goods and services with ease. It’s easy to use your social media to promote your business.

The Shopify Lite it’s easy to reach out even without creating a store. Shopify has the best marketing tools that help your business grow.

6. Security

Shopify uses the latest advanced security to safeguard your website. They also have constant updates to keep your store secure.

Transacting with Shopify leaves your clients safe and satisfied with you. Your business is able to run smoothly and thus growing.

Alternatives to Shopify for your business

One can use the following instead of Shopify. 

  • BigCommerce
  • WooCommerce
  • Magento
  • Wix
  • And more.

There is a lot more that Shopify can do for your business. With Shopify also one can accomplish much more and keep scaling every day.

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