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Truehost South Africa

Truehost South Africa is a leading provider of Cloud Computing services in South Africa and the rest of Africa. Truehost South Africa is part of Truehost Cloud which is a group of various Cloud Services provider under the Truehost Cloud brand.

Established in 2020, Truehost South Africa has become one of the fastest growing cloud computing services providers in South Africa. This follows a string of successes that Truehost Cloud has had in other parts of the world. These include Truehost Kenya in Kenya, Truehost Nigeria in Nigeria and Truehost Cloud which operates globally.

Services Offered

Truehost South Africa offers all the services related to websites. These include:

Web hosting

Web hosting refers to the process of making websites or web pages publicly available over the internet. This is done by web hosting companies which lease web hosting space on server to users who then go ahead to upload their websites from where people can access them from all over the world.

Truehost is a reliable provider of web hosting in South Africa. Some of the features of this web hosting service include:

  • Affordable pricing starting from R7 per month.
  • Daily back up service
  • WHM Control Panel
  • High uptime and reliability
  • Dedicated 24/7/365 support via chat, email and phon.

Domain names

Domain names are internet addresses that are used to locate resources online. A domain name is a name like, and they make it easy for people to remember online addresses as opposed to using IP addresses.

Truehost is an accredited domain registrar by South Africa Central Registry (ZACR). Besides the domains, Truehost also offers other global domain name extensions such as .com, .org, .africa and hundreds of others.

Truehost is preferred for offering the cheapest domain names in South Africa. Both the registration and the renewal price for all other domain names are very friendly, making Truehost a leading layer in the domain name industry in South Africa.

SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates are core to securing communication online. They help encrypt the data being transferred from a browser to a web server and back. Every website or server needs to have at least one SSL Certificates installed and running.

Truehost in South Africa offers different types of SSL Certificates. These range from free SSL certificates such as the Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate and the premium ones that are paid. The premium SSL certificates include Domain Validated SSL, Organization Validated, Wildcard SSL and extended validation certificates.


The world today runs on servers. This is why Truehost South Africa offers various server offerings to meet demand from different clients.

The servers include dedicated servers and virtual private servers. These are located in South African data Centers thus giving low latency to users in South Africa. They also come in different specifications in terms of number of cores, RAM, Storage size and type.

Email Services

Email is an important communication tool in the world today. Despite an increase in other forms of communication, email still plays an important role in corporate and private communication.

Truehost  offers different email services to suit the needs of any business or individual. All the web hosting packages come with email services that can be accessed via email. There are also several email hosting packages that can be purchased independently for those who do not need a web hosting service.

Truehost South Africa also offers Cloudoon mail service and G-Suite email service. These are professional email services that include other additional services such as calendar and personal organization tools.

Cloud backup

Backup is part of daily life and as more operations move to the cloud, back up is vital.

Truehost in South Africa Africa offers Cloud backup service that can be utilized by people all over Africa. The backup is suited for organizations, businesses or even individuals who want to secure their data loss through theft, data corruption, cyber-attacks and hardware failure.

The backup can be applied to Personal Computers, smartphones, servers and any other device that is used to hold data. This data can be backed up as single files, folders, drivers or even a whole computer.

The backup allows for rapid deployment when needed, as well as automated backups.

Why Choose Truehost South Africa

There are many providers of cloud services in South Africa. Many of these are established players who have been in the industry for a long time. They also offer other services besides cloud related services.

Truehost Cloud is an established brand globally when it comes to cloud computing. With a presence in over 50 countries, this is one brand that you cannot go wrong with wen you choose to get your cloud services from Truehost South Africa.

In addition, our focus is only on cloud, and we are experts in this. Choosing Truehost Cloud services will ensure that you are served by the best.


Physical Office: Preston Avenue, 2192 J’oburg, South Africa.

Phone: +27 22 88 000 22

Email: [email protected]


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