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The 5 Best Shopify Alternatives in Kenya

Are you looking for Shopify Alternatives in Kenya?

Shopify is a robust eCommerce platform that allows you to create your own online store. Many people love it because of all the features and integrations it has, but for some, Shopify’s monthly fee can be too expensive. 

If this sounds like you, don’t worry! This blog post will introduce 5 of the best Shopify alternatives in Kenya that are perfect for entrepreneurs on a budget. 

These platforms offer plenty of features and integrations at a fraction of the price!

a). Magento

Magento is a very popular ecommerce platform. 

Unlike Shopify in Kenya, you can install any theme on Magento without having to use the native themes provided by the company. 

This allows you more creative freedom over your online store in Kenya!


  • Magento is free to install 
  • Has a ton of powerful features.


In order to add new products, you need to use the MageWorx extension which costs money.

b). WooCommerce

WooCommerce in Kenya is an eCommerce platform based on WordPress that offers plenty of functionality without breaking the bank! 

It’s one of the best Shopify alternatives in Kenya for small businesses that are starting out because it comes with some great default settings and plugins right out of the box. 

Plus, there are tons more extensions available if you want even more functionality in your store.


The built-in themes look very professional while still being modern enough for any business owner who wants their site to stand out from competitors’. You also don’t need to pay a monthly fee to use WooCommerce.


You can’t install any theme on it unless you code it yourself or purchase the premium themes from them and there’s no app store where you can find other extensions for your site, so some functionality is limited without purchasing additional plugins or hiring someone to develop an extension.

c). BigCommerce

BigCommerce is another great Shopify alternative in Kenya. 

It’s perfect for entrepreneurs who want their store to have the most features right away and don’t mind paying a little more money upfront on an annual subscription (which includes hosting).


They offer tons of pre-installed themes, apps, and extensions that you can use so that your ecommerce site has all the functionality it needs with no coding experience required!


You need to pay $299 annually in order to get access to these awesome features which could be too expensive depending on how much traffic your site will receive. 

If you’re looking for something less costly, keep reading 🙂

d). Drupal

Drupal is one of the best Shopify alternatives in Kenya if you’re not afraid of using code or you have someone who can help you with it. 

Drupal is a free ecommerce platform that allows you to customize your site any way you want because there are no built-in themes or plugins – everything is up to the user!

Pros; Your store will look completely unique and customized so that customers know they’re browsing through content created by YOU, not some other company’s default theme. 

You also don’t need to pay for hosting fees with this software which makes it perfect for entrepreneurs on a budget!

Cons;  The only downside of using Drupal as an eCommerce platform is if you lack coding knowledge because then you’ll be in over your head trying to design all aspects of your online store yourself. 

There are plenty of tutorials out there though – so don’t worry!

d). PrestaShop

Another free ecommerce platform that offers a ton of features like order management, SEO tools to help with conversions, marketing options for affiliates–all at no cost!

PrestaShop is a very popular, free ecommerce platform in Kenya that you can use to create your store. It looks great and has plenty of features without the high price tag!

Pros;  You don’t need any coding experience in order to design or customize your site because it’s all drag & drop so anyone with basic computer skills will be able to build their online store on Prestashop. 

The best part? 

No hosting fees are needed – this software works for FREE!

Cons;  There are no built-in themes available so if you want something designed specifically for your business needs, then you’ll have to code it yourself or hire somebody else who knows how.

If not, the default theme might make customers think they’re browsing through a generic store.

e). CubeCart

CubeCart is another free ecommerce platform that’s perfect for entrepreneurs who want to get going fast with minimal cost. 

It has all the basic features you need, plus some advanced ones if you upgrade to a paid account!

Pros; You don’t have to pay any hosting fees because it works on your site for FREE and there are plenty of pre-installed themes available so building your online store won’t take up too much time or money (plus they’re designed by professionals!)

Cons; There are no built in apps which means that without purchasing additional plugins from their app store, functionality will be limited – especially when it comes to something like customizing product reviews or uploading pictures into an album gallery.

Wrapping up Shopify alternatives in Kenya

The best Shopify alternative in Kenya is based on what your company’s budget looks like as well as what features they need out of their online store. 

Make sure to consider all factors before deciding which option is right for them!

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