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Most Reliable domain registration in Africa & Asia

Last updated on September 29th, 2020 at 11:24 am

Most Reliable domain registration in Africa & Asia (Kenya, Nigeria, India). Whenever you are looking for a website in general there are major factors to consider. Reliability is core to each and every website not only in Kenya but worldwide.

Domain name are unique name with a specified extension that uniquely identifies an entity. A domain name usually points to an IP address. An ip address can be used as a pointer for a web server, email server, database server, and application server.

Domain name extensions are sold by the registry. Meanwhile, the largest registry sells .com extension. All registries are under regulations by ICANN internationally.
ICANN also regulates country based registries that manage county-level TLD. Country Level TLD such as KENIC – A Kenya registry that manages 8 domain extension on the .KE domain extension in KENYA.

Here are the .KE domain extension in KENYA – commercial entities in Kenya – network entities in Kenya non for profit organization in Kenya – personal blogging extension in Kenya – domain extension for information-based websites in Kenya. – domain extension for government entities in Kenya – domain extension for higher learning in Kenya – domain extension for lower and middle school in Kenya

NIRA is a Nigerian registry that manages .NG extension in Nigeria. In summary, there 8 extensions managed by NIRA

The .NG domain extension in Nigeria

  • .COM.NG: open to all from personal to global companies
  • .I.NG: this extension is used to take advantage and cut the cost of the NG domains
  • .NET.NG: for licensed telecommunication and internet companies
  • .ORG.NG: used for Nigerian non-profit making organizations.
  • .NAME.NG: open to all from personal website
  • GOV.NG: strickly for organs of the government
  • .SCH.NG: this extension is only used for Nigerian Primary and Secondary schools
  • .EDU.NG: for accredited tertiary institutions only.

The registry does not sell domain extensions to customers directly instead they register domain registrars. Such resellers include, Hostgator, Godaddy, Truehost Cloud, Kenya Web, Whoghost, and Namesilo.

Reliable domain registration is only provided by reliable domain registrars. Domain registrar also provides tools and resources; such as API to other entities to resell the domain names – the domain of resellers.
Reliable domain registration in Kenya and Nigeria are provided by Truehost Cloud a company accredited by KENIC and NIRA. A company equipped with technology to allow easy domain registration, DNS management, Domain, and Email forwarding.

Register your domain today at Truehost Cloud to Get the Most Reliable domain registration in Africa & Asia (Kenya, Nigeria, India)

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