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A Guide to Making Money with WordPress in Kenya

Did you know you can make money with WordPress in Kenya?

If you didn’t know this then I have good news for you. WordPress is the most popular site builder and content management system in the world with more than 55% market share.

Before we get into how to make money on WordPress, you need to have a WordPress website. We will discuss more on how to make a WordPress website later in the article.

You can make money with WordPress in Kenya in two ways. One by blogging on your WordPress website where you earn through advertisements, affiliate links, and other ways like sponsored content.

The second way to make money with WordPress in Kenya is by selling your own products and services. This can be done by setting up an eCommerce website for your products or selling digital products like online courses or Ebooks.

We will discuss these ways further in the article so keep reading to learn more.

Benefits of Using WordPress in Kenya 


WordPress is one of the most user-friendly content management systems in the market. The CMS started as a blogging platform and up to now, it has maintained its ‘ease of use features that allows even business people to manage their business websites without any technical expertise.

The WYSIWYG helps publish content on your website without any coding involved.

Cost Effective

It has an open-source CMS, so you will not incur any expense in creating your website.

You will only pay for a domain name purchase and hosting. You can also start for free by hosting your site on the WordPress domain and testing it thoroughly before moving it to your domain.


WordPress makes it easy to manage any website, from simple company blogs to the most complex eCommerce sites. WordPress has many themes that can be easily customized further in terms of structure, graphic elements, color scheme, etc.

The plugins can also help you with all kinds of functionality in your websites such as a shopping cart, site analytics, social media integration, and file downloads.

SEO friendly

Your website has to be search engine friendly for it to be successful. WordPress generates clean HTML codes that attract search engine crawlers.

The HTML codes are W3C compliant and so they help you achieve higher rankings on the Search Engine Result Pages.

Easy Access

Since WordPress is a completely online tool you can even access it in any part of the world meaning it is also accessible even in Kenya. You can also share the access permission between different members of the team and set custom access permissions for all users.

Getting Started with WordPress in Kenya 

Setting Up a WordPress Website 

To set up your WordPress website, you must select a WordPress plan. To make sure you don’t get lost on the way, let’s check on the difference between and

Hosting your website on will require a third-party hosting provider. You will also download your WordPress software, buy a domain name on a third-party site and manage your server.

On the other hand, offers to host your website on your behalf, and with it, you don’t need to download any software or manage a server.

Domain Name and Hosting 

Setting up your domain name and choosing your hosting provider happens almost the same time but what is their difference?

A domain name is like your home address and for someone to get to your home they need to know your address. For an internet visitor to locate your website on the internet they need to know your domain name. Your domain name will look similar to this:

Your hosting provider, as the name suggests, provides housing or a home for your website. It is where your website files are stored, making it a home for your website.

The hosting provider you choose has an impact on your website’s speed, security, and reliability. Therefore it is important to find a reliable web hosting to handle your site.

Here at Truehost, we offer reliable hosting servers with 99.95% uptime.

Click here to purchase your domain name and hosting with us.

Installing WordPress and Themes 

After finding your web host provider and domain name, the next step is to install WordPress.

Once you get hosting, the login details will be sent to you.

Head to your account and scroll down under options & settings, then select WordPress app to begin the installation.

WordPress has many themes from which you can choose. They include both free and paid themes.

When selecting your theme, make sure it makes sense for both the topic of your site and the layout and also the content you plan to publish.

You can also install some of your favorite WordPress plugins.

Making Money with WordPress in Kenya 

Display Ads

Display ads are an easy way to monetize your WordPress website and make a little extra cash.

Display ads are those pesky advertisements that show up on websites – like banners, pop-ups, or even sidebar ads. They’re not too intrusive and they don’t take up too much of the page, but they can be a great way to make a little extra money.

But how do you get started? Well, it’s actually pretty easy! All you need to do is sign up with a display ad network and start displaying ads on your website.

Most display ad networks have an easy sign-up process, and once you’ve registered with them you can start displaying ads on your website. The ads are usually tailored to the content on your website, so if you’re a fashion blogger, you’ll likely get ads for clothing and accessories.

Once you’ve got your display ads up and running, it’s time to start making money! Every time someone clicks on one of the ads on your website, you get paid. It’s that simple. Of course, the more people who click on the ads the more money you’ll make. So it’s important to drive traffic to your website and make sure your content is engaging and interesting enough that people want to click on the ads.

Selling Products and Services 

You can make money with WordPress in Kenya by selling your own products or services. Selling your products and services online helps you gain more customers leading to more growth for your business. 

There are different ways to make money selling your products online which include: opening an online store, creating and selling digital products, Exclusive member-only Content, and freelance services. Let’s discuss each of the following for better understanding.

Opening Online Store

You can open your online store on WordPress and make money selling your products purely online. This does not mean that if you are a physical store owner you can’t sell on WordPress.

You can expand your business to a worldwide audience by opening your eCommerce store. Your online store will act as an extension of your physical store and it will also serve your customers 24/7.

Creating your WordPress eCommerce website is very simple since there are many eCommerce-specific plugins. You can also use other WordPress plugins for features like inventory maintenance and shipping which are important to any eCommerce business.

Creating and Selling Digital Products

Selling products online does not mean selling your physical products alone. You can create and sell digital products too. A good example of digital products is Ebooks, Courses, and guides.

People now more than ever rely on the internet to learn a new skill; therefore, you can share your knowledge and skill in a certain area with others worldwide and earn some money.

Creating Ebooks has been made easy by WordPress Plugins. You can also compile an online course on a certain area of your expertise. You are going to make more money with time as people discover your content and download your product.

Exclusive member-only Content

If you have been a content creator for a while high chances are you already have a loyal audience. You can start creating exclusive content for your loyal website visitors. 

The best way to do this is by creating Memberships through which you can create content that will only be accessible to your members and not any casual visitor. Having a successful membership plan is not an easy task but the money is worth it. 

If you have a loyal audience, give them some exclusive content through WordPress.

Freelance Service

Make money with WordPress in Kenya through freelancing. You can offer paid services such as content writing, and website creation to those who need such services.

However, freelancing requires a level of expertise and some years of WordPress experience. You also need to know your way around WordPress for you to provide freelance WordPress services.

For you to get freelancing clients, you need to have your own website will great content as proof of the kind of services you will offer to clients. People like seeing the quality of what they are paying for to determine whether it’s worth their money.

Sponsored Posts 

As a blogger, you can make money with WordPress in Kenya through sponsored posts. This is a post or content that a blogger is paid by a company to talk about how great their product is.

As much as you want to play well when promoting a product, it is also important to give an honest opinion to your audience. It is also recommended to mention to your audience that a particular article is sponsored.

You might also want to check if the company is willing to provide you with affiliate links. These affiliate links can earn you passive income for years after the sponsored post deal is done. We will talk more about affiliates in the next point.

Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is another great way to make money with WordPress in Kenya. With affiliate marketing, you promote other people’s or business products through your blog using the affiliate link.

The business you are promoting will provide you with a unique link that you will add to your blog as a way of advertising the company’s products. You will be paid a commission once your website visitor clicks and buys through that unique link.

Managing affiliate marketing has been made easy by WordPress plugins available on the market. With these plugins, you can monitor the performance of affiliate links over time.

To make a steady passive income from affiliate marketing, you have to choose the best affiliate programs in the market.

Optimizing Your WordPress Site 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Search Engine Optimization improves your WordPress website’s rankings on search engines and drives more organic traffic. Since WordPress is one of the best CMS in the market, it is designed with best practices in mind making it SEO-friendly.

Using Social Media 

To make money with WordPress in Kenya, you will need more people visiting your site. Social Media is one of the best ways to get more people to visit your website.

Let people know about your WordPress site through social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter. Talk about your blog and provide a link through which people can get to your website.

Creating Engaging Content 

Marketing your content everywhere is not enough to keep people on your site.

Your content has to be good enough and engaging to keep your site visitors reading longer. 

If the visitors leave your site within the first few seconds, they won’t be able to see an affiliate link on your site or purchase a product you are trying to sell through your blog which will mean no money.

Creating engaging content is as important as marketing your blog.


There are more opportunities to make money with WordPress in Kenya like accepting Guest posts on your site, starting a podcast, accepting donations, book appointments with contact forms.

Creating your WordPress website is the best way to start your journey of making money with WordPress in Kenya.

Once your website is up and running, you can now start creating content for your website. With time your site will gain traffic you can use it to make money through the mentions discussed above,

We hope this article has helped you learn ways through which you can make money with WordPress in Kenya.

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