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7 Best Ways To Make Money Online In Kenya

In this post, we’ll talk about how to make money online in Kenya. Did you know you can make money online without hassle? Many are trying to find out these gems and transform their livelihoods.

Having a good livelihood is a dream for every Kenyan. At times it’s challenging to accomplish this; however, working online can solve all these.

Besides, online working gives you flexible schedules and payments are instant. This means that you have freedom and total control over when and what you work on.

Make money online in Kenya

Well, the good news is it’s easy to earn online. One however needs to be careful when working online not to be scammed. There are so many malicious people ready to exploit newbies.

To be safe you need to be informed before you start working online or signing up, do thorough research. Watch out before you become a victim.

What does it mean to make money online in Kenya?

Simply it’s having extra income from the internet. Also, it means working with the flexible schedules that you choose and making money from them.

It can also mean accomplishing tasks and submitting them through the internet.  The internet is home to many businesses and resourceful organizations.

Kenya is growing rapidly thanks to the internet and technology. With this also businesses too are adopting the online method of operations.

Online has proven to help and grow different ventures. So what are you waiting for? Get online, choose your job and start earning today.

Is it simply safe?

Yes, it’s safe to make money online in Kenya. Many are making millions online by just being consistent and utilizing their skillset. 

However, safety precautions must be taken to prevent fraud and internet crimes. The internet has so many different kinds of people. 

Not everyone wishes you well. Be careful when attending any internet gig; do adequate research about the employer before accepting their work.

Don’t be subjected to work for free. It’s best to look for gigs in the best-rated sites and remember to do the work on-site. Also, have a plan in case the gig doesn’t work out.

Be careful and don’t be in a hurry in accepting any job without finding more about it. 

7 Things you need to make money online in Kenya?

1. Research

This is finding information about the best fit gigs for you. It’s getting to know who will hire you and what’s that you qualify for. This is a crucial step to take when working online.

Besides, with research, you also get to know the payment plans of various job providers. It also helps you identify the requirements for a specific job.

One also finds out which schedules they can use. This helps one save time and other resources that they would use. Find out more before settling for any job.

2. Internet

This is what will help you find jobs online. It will also provide you with the necessary resources to make it online. Thanks to various internet service providers, one has access to cheap internet.

These days for as low as Kshs. 2,500/month you can get 10Mbps internet. This is enough for your online work and research. With this budget, you can work flexibly and make money online without hassle.

Unlike the old days when the internet was a rare gem, today it’s easy and affordable to get connected. Choose your provider and the plan that best suits you.

3. Laptop or Smartphone

These two devices will help you connect to the internet and work online. With a phone, however, one is limited to some jobs such as writing.

That, however, doesn’t mean that you can’t earn. With a smartphone, you can do affiliate marketing and sell ebooks and other small businesses. 

A laptop on the other hand has no limitations. Choose any work and work flexibly without the hassle and deliver it on time. On a laptop also one can work on more than one gig.

Well, if you have either of the two, start working now. Don’t wait for the perfect time to start earning online.

4. Will and Consistency

When you have the will, you are open to work anytime. Consistency is working without breaking, that is making time without excuses.

We at times work and fail to work the next day simply because we’ve earned. Without the discipline of work, we won’t be successful. 

Online work has to have consistency and will. Without the two, no one would love to hire you, besides everyone wants someone accountable.

5. Skills

This is what will help you sell yourself. Well if you don’t have skills at least make sure you have passion. Stand out by trying to solve a problem for your clients.

With skills and passion, it’s easy to secure a job and earn. Skills are the stepping stone for your earnings online. People pay for what they lack and if you solve their problem the payment is amazing.

6. Clients

These are the people to work for. Finding clients is challenging for newbies without any experience. Clients also are hesitant to hire newbies.

However, this doesn’t need to scare you; Social Media Platforms can come a long way to help you and make sure you get a good position.

Create a good portfolio and market yourself fully. Selling yourself allows clients to know more about you. Always ask for recommendations for all you work with.

7. Time and Money management

These two resources are what ensure that one can earn more online. One ought to have a plan on when to work; how they spend their earnings.

When you are poor at managing time no work will sustain you. Besides, you need money to be able to run your daily routines.

Manage these two resources and ensure that you don’t break any. Making money online in Kenya is easy. You don’t need to have prior experience.

How much does it cost to make money online?

It’s free to make money online. However, with platforms such as trading, one ought to deposit some money before trading. One can spend as low as $10 and make a good income.

Take time to do good research and find those gigs that you don’t have to pay to earn. Don’t spend before you earn.

7 Best ideas to make money online in Kenya

1. Content creation

This is creating media resources, blogs, scripts, articles, or blogs to share your knowledge. It allows one to use creativity to educate, entertain and showcase your prowess in writing.

This is the best-selling source of income for many Kenyans. One is because websites are created daily and they need content. 

Secondly, products are being created every day. The products too need content that will say more about the product and service.

Many instances need content. Creative writers are on the front line earning the best for just being creative.

Of course, content creation is broad, the commonly known are:

To make it in this creative and competitive career you need to be unique, factful, and research thorough. Be different from other writers.

The best-recommended sites for this are Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer. Make sure to check them out and create your source of income.

2. Affiliate marketing

This is third-party marketing; getting paid to advertise for another business. In short, when you sign up for affiliate marketing you get a link. 

With the link you can share on your platforms and once one purchase from it you earn a commission. This means you earn with less sweat.

Different organizations have different plans on payment. As for Truehost Affiliate marketing, one earns from purchases done from your link. 

Affiliate marketing is a good way for earning money. You don’t need to do it daily but once you have shared your link and purchases are made you earn.

It works instantly and does not need technical knowledge to set up. Also, you don’t need any prior knowledge.

3. Trading

This is buying and selling of different market products; it’s also predicting the market for some products. This means stating whether it falls, rises, becomes odd, even, and other different markets.

Well, this is an advanced level, it needs dedicated time and a good heart. Many have incurred losses with trading since the market keeps on changing.

It’s not easy predicting the market, however, one can learn how a certain market works. Every day is a learning experience in trading markets.

Olymp Trade is a reputable site that offers one free $10,000 you use in practicing the trade. It has a ton of features too. Those daring enough it’s time to join the trading market.

But be careful and spend wisely with this trading. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to do thorough research on it before signing up.

4. Freelancing

It’s choosing to work for yourself; not having affiliations with any company. It’s choosing to work with what makes a profit for you. Selling your gigs to the highest bidder.

With freelancing one is open to doing any work that they love and are skilled in. This means one gets to choose when and what to work on.

This means that one has the freedom to work and the rates. When the clients contact the freelancer, they get the rates, time of delivery, and the requirements for the project.

The freelancer has complete control over what they choose to work on. 

5. Web designing

This is the art of creating pages that are linked together and accessible through the internet. Creating a website has become easy these days.

Web developers are earning handsomely for their skills. To be a developer one needs to learn programming languages such as Python, Java, and also know different frameworks.

All of these can be learned for free thanks to Google and Youtube. Get started now and get a skill that will earn you handsomely.

6. Social Media Managing

This means being someone who oversees the social media accounts. This is in terms of posting, adding followers, and more. 

The social media manager is responsible for promoting their page and ensuring clients are informed. Social media is a powerful tool one can use to their advantage.

Besides, almost everyone is on social media. Social can be used to influence a product or service and ensure clients are updated.

It’s also easy to share on social media and conversations too are instant. There are many social media platforms and it’s up to the manager to manage them all.

7. Online teaching

This is offering a course about anything and earning from it. This means that when someone is interested in your course they pay for it.

Many freelancers are earning from it, by just creating content and having a learning platform. Each day we want to enhance our skills and what better way than learning.

Creating a course has become easy thanks to learning platforms like Moodle, where one has control over how clients can access your course. 

In addition, you can create a course and sell it as an ebook. Making money through online teaching is easy and fast. 

Wrapping up;

The above are just 7 ways to make money online in Kenya. Once you have an idea, skills, and consistency it’s easy to start earning. 

Becoming a freelancer is the best thing one can do. It gives you freedom and control over what to work on and when.

Having a passive income is very important. People are willing to pay for what they don’t know and your skills are best to earn you.

Have a good network and plan ahead before starting working online. Go ahead and start your online journey now.

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