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How To Transfer a Domain Name in Kenya (Update)

Last updated on July 12th, 2023 at 07:47 am

Wondering how to transfer a domain name in Kenya?

But let’s back up a little bit, how did you get here? I mean, when you started a website or purchased that domain, you knew things were going to be great. I can still see the optimism in your eyes and you can still remember how it made you feel.

Fast-forward to today, you are ever calling, emailing, texting your domain hosting company but you end up frustrated.

Your emails go unanswered and no replies and no support is given at all.

At the back of your mind, you clearly understand that you deserve the better. Trust me, you do. No customer needs to be waiting to be served. After all, why are you in business in the first place?

As they say, the customer is the king, and whenever you hear such stories from frustrated customers, you are left wondering where such businesses came from.

See, web hosting in Kenya is a competitive industry, I admit, which makes it even better in terms of customer support.

How To Transfer a Domain Name in Kenya

Often time than not you have desired to transfer your domain services to a company that is concerned about you, time to smile. This is a simple way to do it.

To transfer a domain,

1)     Request your former Domain registrar for EPP CODE. This is an approval code usually a 6- to 16-character code given by the registrar. The codes confirm that only a domain owner can make domain name transfers.

2)    The former registrar will send you the EPP Code then forward to us the code.

3)    Then make an order on by clicking ‘make an order’ at the top of the page.

4)    Select the hosting package you need for the transferred domain.

5)    Click order now.

6)    Select the second option transfer domain name to Truehost.

7)    Then make payments and the transfer will be affected.

8)    Enjoy being online and 24/7 support.

Besides web hosting, Truehost is known for its revolutionary email hosting in Kenya. We have everything you need to boost your brand’s image by using professional emails. Ditch the gmail account and up your game.

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