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A Simple Guide On How To Make Website in Kenya

Last updated on February 25th, 2021 at 09:05 am

How to make website in Kenya

Everyday new business and ideas are born. Creativity is high among Kenyans. However today we will learn how to make website in Kenya.

how to make website in Kenya.

Websites are online gateways that allow people to get information, share their thoughts, communicate and so much more. Websites are a good way to start your business-boosting and awareness to the public.

However, before creating a website you need to do the following:

  1. Have an aim- it is the stepping stone that one uses to plan and strategize on how to run the site as well as gain traffic. Having a clear focus will help you as well as your visitors.
  2. Conduct good research- get all information on how a website works, different integrations, and much other important information.
  3. Know your target audience- when you know whom you target it becomes easy to create and personalize the site and content.
  4. Choose a good domain name- domains sell your site, they are also responsible for rankings on Google and other search engines. It should be short, easy to remember, and reflects the nature of your site.
  5. Decide on a design to use- draw a few sketches and see how your ideas come out. Try out all designs before choosing the right one for the site.
  6. Get your content ready- create your content early in advance so once the site is up, there is no stressing on when to create content.
  7. Create a logo- this is a symbol that people will see whenever they search for your site, visit your site it needs to be relevant and informative.
  8. Have a timeline- having a schedule helps one to know when and what activity should be done when. A good timeline prevents time wastage.

Having considered the above, the website also needs the following:

  • Domain

A domain is a name that one inputs on the browser search bar to find your site. A good domain name should be:

  1. Short and easy to remember.
  2. Unambiguous
  3. Contain a keyword
  4. Avoid letters and numbers

One can use sites such as Namecheap or instant domain search to generate their domain names. However, there is an easy way to do it:

how to make website in Kenya.

Visit Truehost and from the search bar search for your domain and availability. Besides, also you get to see the pricing of different domain extensions.


  • Hosting

It is the service that allows the website to run. There many different plans available, from free to paid ones. 

how to make website in Kenya: Domain Packages in Truehost

Always start small and upgrade later as the site grows.

Here is a good place to find your right plans: 


  • A blog

This is the place to post tutorials, updates, and other related information. Also, get creating other interactive content for your audience, get to conduct polls, and engage in interactive chats.

  • Content Management System

This is software that helps one create content that is rankable on Google and other search engines. There are different systems available but the most common WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and many others.

Having the right content management system allows one to create informative, interactive, and creative content.

  • Security features

What will protect the people who visit your site, input their data and transactions they perform on the site? Such features such as SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) certificates, SFTP (Secured File Transfer Protocol), DDOS(Denial of Service (DOS), and Distributed Denial of Service) prevention make sure the site operates well and data is kept safe.

  • Social Media buttons

Every website should be able to connect with social media pages, this helps to keep driving traffic to your site. It also allows one to share any updates and articles like how to make website in Kenya.

Social media is a good marketing platform. Having a way to connect to the platform increase the site analytics as well as grows it.

Well, now you know how to make website in Kenya but still stuck? Not enough money? Don’t know where to get all these at fair pricing? Here is some good news:

There is a free site builder that provides free hosting and free subdomains. Yes, absolutely free to create a website, host it as well as going live fast.

So what is this free site builder?

Here is OLITT:

A free site builder that is codeless and user-friendly. It is easy to create, edit and publish a website even for a beginner.

Olitt Homepage

So why use OLITT:

  1. It is free- create, manage and manipulate your website without incurring costs.
  2. It is fast- it has a fast loading speed for your pages and websites anywhere across the World with the Global CDN Network.
  3. Secure- it secures every website created with SSL certificates that protect data on your website.
  4. User-friendly- one doesn’t need to learn coding or designing skills to create a website on OLITT.
  5. Has pre-built templates- create any website easily using the free and easily customizable templates available.

How do you use OLITT?

  1. Visit OLITT’s homepage:
  2. On the homepage, select CREATE A FREE WEBSITE.

how to make website in kenya

This takes you to the categories and templates page. Here are the customized templates to use to create your website. 

3. Pick a template

how to make website in Kenya

We are going to create a simple blog using the customized template.

4. Sign up 

OLITT sign up process

You can use Google or Apple to sign up. Alternatively one can input details like first name, last name, email, and password. 

Using Google or Apple eases the process plus anytime you want to sign up you don’t need to remember your password.

5. Continue to edit your website

how to make website in Kenya

This shows that the website is live now. Just needs some editing.

Got a free subdomain- but also one can choose to connect their own custom domain.

Let’s see some tools one uses:

Olitt editing tools

Editing tools on OLITT

1.Undo- removes a recently done action.


  1. Redo- returns a recently removed action.


  1. Mobile view- shows you how your website will look on a mobile device.


  1. Tablet view- shows you how your website will look on a tablet.


  1. Desktop view- get to see how your website will look on a computer screen.


  1. Full Screen-work on your website from a full screen.


  1. Preview- shows how your site looks


  1. Save- allows you to save changes that you have done before you publish.


Olitt website builder editing tools.

OLITT editing tools

  1. Bold- enhances the text making it more visible.


  1. Italics- it slants text to make it more appealing.


  1. Underline- it underlines the selected text.


  1. Strikeout- strikes out the selected words.


  1. Link- add a link to the text.


  1. Alignment- gives choices of text to either left, center, justify, or right alignment.


  1. Font color- choose your color here


  1. Font- choose your font type here.


  1. Customize- edit your element either by changing the font, picture, and many others.


  1. Drag element- move any element to your desired position.


  1. Select parent- it helps select the different parent to use for the best styling.


  1. Move up element- changes the position of an element by moving it up.


  1. Move down element- changes the position of an element by moving it down.


  1. Duplicate- it creates a copy of the selected content.


  1. Delete- removes the entire element.


6. Edit the title

This is what people will be seeing when they visit your site.

how to make website in Kenya

Create a name that is catchy and easy to remember. One that will keep your followers keep coming for more.

7. Change the background image

Choose a photo from your pc and it will be automatically updated.

Website photo changing

Add a photo that creates a good mood. One that also is creative and intriguing to keep the people hooked.

8. Update content 

Remove the content that doesn’t support your page and begin adding your own. Make sure the content hooks people and makes them keep coming for more. Content like how to make website in Kenya can give you traffic fast.

how to make website in Kenya

It is easy to edit text one needs to highlight input the text they want to input. Remember to save changes and visit to see how the page looks.

Create that personal site for free and fast. Go live in few minutes and eliminate time wastage and the cost of following up always.

OLITT has come to help beginners create sites that are responsive and amazing with incurring costs or inconveniences of delivery.

Summing up:

Now that you have insights on how to make website in Kenya. Create time to transform that idea into money. Websites also are like investments that will bring you cash without sweating hard for it.

You can also read on Loan ideas here.


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