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How I became a Freelancer Website Designer with Zero Coding Skills.

A Successful Freelancer Website Designer with no Coding Skills working from a laptop – this what I am.

Web Design at Campus

I did not do a computer major in school, I did Physics as my major. Through my college time I did not learn anything close to Web Design, Web Development or Software Engineering. Instead, I spent quality time in the Labs proving the laws of Physics.

Soon after leaving campus, I was faced with the reality of joblessness. No stipends from parents, no Student Loan, no rich boyfriend how do I pay my bills?


At this point, I was sharing a room with 2 other schoolmates but I desired to live in a decent house, where I would not share basic amenities like bathroom and kitchen but this way out of my league.

Job Hunting – Factory Technician

I set out by updating resume ready for a serious job hunting. Next, I went to industries in the industry area, leaving my CV in every single factory. I received no regret, no interview invitation – I must have been terrible.

After a month, I figured out it was easier to get a clerical job. I readjusted my resume and embarked on job hunting at CBD, I dropped all the CVs I had printed out till I had no more money to print out more my CVs.

Out of funds, I resolved to do emails, I proceeded to email out my CV to all contacts I found. I received a few regrets on email but not a single interview invite.

Running the risk of being homeless, I decided to move in with a friend as I drew strategy for the next move.

Quitting Job Hunting for Freelance Website Designer

One late night while browsing on OLX classified site, I came across a classified ad where someone was promising to offer web design services. The advertiser offered to deliver a beautiful websites in a week at a cost of Ksh. 15000 or $150.

I figured out there must be demand for his services if at all he is advertising. I decided to place similar ad but charge Ksh. 10,000 or $100, which I did, I also posted better looking screenshots for my ad.

First Website Client for a Website Designer with no Coding Skills

After two days having forgot about my ad, I magically received a text from someone looking for the service, I was skeptic but I replied, they indeed needed a website. We spent some time discussing terms of payments on which I insisted on 50% deposit to get the job started.

Before I would retire to bed, they sent the deposit to my phone, this is when I discovered it was real Wow! Half excited, half shocked I immediately acknowledged receipt of the funds, what do I do now..? I wondered. Do I look for a developer to do it for me..?

But how do I do that when I need this money to the last cent.

Something told me I could do it and I must give it a try.

I Googled online on the simplest web design tactics, every material I came across was talking of Website Builders, WordPress and CMS.

WordPress sounded cool and simple, so I started learning on ‘how to develop a WordPress Website’.

I opened a blog at and started changing things, was so happy when I published my first blog.  I soon discovered, Domain Names and WordPress Hosting.

Truehost Cloud Moment

I took online to look for a hosting company where I would host my WordPress sites as well as buy domain names.

I went to Truehost Cloud, and started chatting with support people, I trying to understand the whole thing. My first encounter, I was chatting with Wallace who helped me a great deal. He advised me that am better off with a website builder. He introduced me to,, Squarespace and

I visited each of the 4 platform and started to learn my way to website development and hosting from these Website Builder companies.

After just a night, I was a pro at it, I was super excited with quality of websites I was building.

In the second day, I built 5 demo sites on, 3 demo sites on, 1 demo site on Weebly and Squarespace.

Olitt Website Builder

I was really impressed with, I settled for Olitt Website Builder. had much better templates and was easier to navigate as compared to Wix, Weebly and Squarespace. as well provided Livechat support even though I was on the free package.

Full of confidence and exposure I started on my client’s project. I designed it on paper then went on online to build my website on

1 hour after starting, I had something I was proud of and I was eager to show my client.

I connected the client domain and sent them a link and requested them to critique the work.

My client called immediately, to say my client was impressed is an understatement. They sent me some contacts and social media profiles to add on the website which I did promptly.

By the third day, my client was satisfied and ready to commission the website.

We commissioned the website on Facebook to great excitement of the friends. I have continued to support my client on minor updates on the website with no strain.

My life now – Successful Freelance Website designer with no Coding Skills.

3 months down the line, my classified ad has brought me six other clients. Have since updated my classified ad to guarantee delivery within 3 days.

I recently enrolled on and the future is very promising. I since moved out from my friend’s place to my bedsitter and I must say am content with my progress this far.

And by the way, my clients have sent me referral clients whom have served to their satisfaction.

Finally, please get started on – it will definitely workout for you.

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