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How To Get Healthcare Cloud Services Without Wasting Resources

Last updated on November 11th, 2020 at 08:28 am

In this article, get a deeper understanding of healthcare cloud services. See, cloud computing is the future and with its impact on technology, you should expect it to serve very well hospitals and other stakeholders within the health industries.

With that said, we will be looking at how healthcare can benefit from cloud services

Healthcare cloud services

Cloud services for pharmaceuticals and hospitals

Pharmaceuticals refer to drug manufacturing, marketing, distributing, and retail agents.

These include drug manufacturers, drug marketers, chemists, pharmacies, hospitals, health care establishment’s e.t.c. Drugs include human and animal medicine for the interest of this article.

Pharmaceuticals in Kenya and especially drug manufacturers and distributors handle huge volumes of sensitive data.

Some of the data include:

  1. Manufactures handle sensitive drug manufacturing information such as chemical formula and composition of drugs, experiments results from scientific research they are involved in, drug consumption patterns and volumes.
  2. Distributors in the pharmaceutical industries are custodians of a huge volume of sensitive data including:
  3. Consumption levels of various drugs
  4. Geographical relationship to consumptions of drugs
  5. Drug effectiveness levels
  6. Drug side effects as reported by patients.

These data and information are the gems in the industries, leakage or unlawful sharing of this information is also a national security concern.

Laws on data storage

Therefore pharmaceutical is expected to keep this data with their countries bodies i.e.

  • Kenya pharmaceuticals are expected to keep the data within Kenya
  • Egypt pharmaceuticals are expected to keep the data within Egypt
  • South African pharmaceuticals are expected to keep the data within South Africa
  • Ghana pharmaceuticals are expected to keep the data within Ghana
  • Nigeria pharmaceuticals are expected to keep the data within Nigeria
  • Brazil pharmaceuticals are expected to keep the data within Brazil
  • India pharmaceuticals are expected to keep the data within India

Therefore, pharmaceutical should not use services such as Gmail, Hotmail for work-related emails. Software and applications running in these pharmaceutical companies should be hosted in their countries of operations.

This concern has led Cloudpap to develop a cloud for pharmaceuticals.

This cloud service guarantees

Data and its backup will be kept within certain geographical areas – in Kenya Pharmaceutical cloud primary and secondary data centers are within Kenya.

This setup allows the pharmaceutical to comply with the regulations without compromising data security, performance, and uptime.

The pharmaceutical cloud can host

  1. Private email servers
  2. Application and software servers
  3. Website Services
  4. Backup and archiving servers

Pharmaceutical cloud is a highly scalable and available on-demand basis, as low as $55 a pharmaceutical can manage her own cloud.

As you can already see, healthcare cloud services are vital to data security.

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