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Google Kenya

Last updated on October 31st, 2022 at 01:41 pm

Google was invented in order to organize work in the internet and help users get relevant information on what they are looking for. With this, most businesses and people have had a chance to take advantage of the service to reach out globally. Statistics have an accelerating increase in the number of people using the internet at any given time. Looking at internet trends in Kenya for instance, YouTube has 2mn + users in every single day.

Google as a search engine.

Goggle through Search engine optimization optimizes website content to be ranked on the internet to serve curious users as they search to seek clarity and answers to various issues.  

Architecture of a search engine result page

Paid results

This are mostly used for advertisement. The website owners pay to have their websites displayed for certain key words. In the search result page, you can identify the paid results because they have an ad tag to indicate they have been paid for and mostly appear at the top of the search result page.  This may be more useful to a shopping person because they are mostly advertising and show casing products.

How to pay for an ad

You pay per click and to get on top of the page you need an auction, this is the process that happens with each Google search to decide which adds appear for the specific search and in which order the adds will show on the page.

Organic search results

Organic results are natural results that match the users search query based on relevance. For researchers or any user who needs detailed information from their search mostly benefits from this type of result. SEO is used to rank the organic search results and make them reliable to the user.

Google aim at driving the point home to give relevant feedback to what the user requested in the search. Most Google users are curious, demanding and impatient, they do not want to get tired or waste their precious time, imagine biting around the bush to get what they what to know, where they want to go, what they want to do or what to buy, they will easy opt to seek other better and quick resources. With Google ranking, Keywords are very essential. They enable Google through the search engine optimization secure you a position in the internet to meet your consumers needs directly. Keywords make it easy for users to get want they want in the internet at any time.

Three major things that revolve in Google world: The identity of the person or business, the intent covering the current location for easy access by web users and the context. Is the context relevant to serve your clients need at any given time?

Why Quality score? 

Quality score influence eligibility, position, price and top score ranking. Understanding the audience queries and impression is very influential to any search. Quality score is what matters most in the search engine. It comprises of keywords, ad reference and landing pages or ad location. This plays an advantage to the web visitor because despite getting relevant information on what he/she was searching for, additional land pages give him/her a clear picture of what to expect.

Google display networks, target basing on the interest. Four important considerations:

  1. Target an ideal audience.
  2.  Be creative as you display a captivating message to the audience. YouTube is a good platform to achieve this: Different adds in YouTube, Bumper ad, Masthead ad, non-skippable ad and TrueView skippable ad.
  3. Target on smart bidding. How much are you willing to pay?
  4. Measure your leads. How much target do you have for potential customers?  

Google Ads and Google Drives

Google drive provide users with the ability to share files online with other users at any time. Google drive is available for Mac, PC and android products.

Each time an ad is eligible to appear for a search it goes through an ad auction. Google Ads system finds all adds whose keywords match that search, the system ignores all ads that are not eligible for the search, example ads referring you to another country may not be relevant for Kenyan search results. Ad rank is a combination of your bid, ad quality, the context of the person’s search and the expected results.  

It is good to note that ranking is not based on the figure you pay, you can win a higher position at a low price with highly relevant keywords and adds.

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