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Why every website needs an SSL

Online security is changing. If you have been following the industry proceedings lately, you will notice that there are newer ways to compromise your data online. Fortunate for us, there are also simple ways to deal with that. One such way is use of SSL certificates in your website.

A secure socket layer (SSL) certificate is a security technology that encrypts communications between a server and a browser. Remember, any time you work with the internet on a browser, communication is made between the browser on your computer and the source of information that the browser displays – the web server. When connection to the server is not secured, your browser will send / receive data in plain form. This can ALLOW THIRD PARTIES TO READ YOUR DATA.

The importance of secure communication between a browser and a server has been taken to the next level by organisations that develop web browsers eg Google with it’s Chrome and Mozilla with it’s Firefox.

In Chrome, any site without an SSL certificate is marked as Not Secure. Users trust the browser and as such, you can be sure to loose one or two possible clients who refused to transact on your website because it is “Not secure.




This becomes worse for websites that require user input. Nowadays, users are warned when they are about to fill in details in a website that is not secures.








These security features have been adopted as the mark of legit sites worldwide. If for instance you have a popular online store, but your store lacks SSL certificate and a counterfeit store is opened and SSL installed, people will rush to log in to the counterfeit store which has SSL convinced it’s the legit store and leave out the website that does not have SSL certificate installed. Why risk?

Fortunately for you SSL certificates are now more affordable and available than ever before. At Truehost Cloud, we have your back when it comes to securing your website(s). We offer a vast range of SSL cerficates from world renowed Cerfificate Authorities such as Comodo, DigiCert, Thawte, GeoTrust, Symantec and Certum. The cerificates inlude:

  • Singe domain certficates – secures www and non-www versions of a domain eg and
  • Wildcard certificates – secures www and non-www versions of domains and subdomains eg and
  • EV cerficates – secures domains and subdomains and shows Green Bar*.

Once you complete the order for SSL certifificate, we will install it for you and you’ll see your site stop using http:// protocol and start using https://. Why wait? Get an SSL certificate here.

*A Green Bar SSL displayes the name of the company/organisation on the address barr next to the green padlock. Before these are issued, the CA validates the authenticity of the organisation. Legal procedure is followed to ensure the Organisation purchasing the SSL exists and is genuine. That means there can be only one such organiatio and as such, if you see their name on the site you access, you have no doubt that you are in the right place. This helps prevent phishing from fake sites posing as the legit sites as all these sites cant have a Green Bar SSL baring the same name.

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