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The Best Domain Registration Companies

Ideas are born from anywhere. Transforming those ideas is what makes a difference. In this post, we’ll get insights into the best domain registration companies.

Websites require a good domain name to make sure it ranks. Besides, a good domain makes a site stand out.

Well, one needs thorough research when deciding to choose a domain. A name that shouldn’t restrict the growth of the business.

What is a domain name?

It is a name used instead of an IP address to reach your site. It’s the name one uses on a search bar to access a website.

It’s simply a permanent address for a website. That name that internet users use to access your website.

It’s a unique address that gives you a unique identity and brand on the internet. A domain name can’t be shared.

Domains however are divided into two:


The domain; the name Kenya is the domain name, .com is the domain extension.

Domains however need to be registered to work. However, some site builders offer one subdomain that they can use for their website.

 For as low as Kshs. 100 you can own your domain. You don’t need subdomains to make your website. Here is a list of the cheapest domains.

Are domains case sensitive?

No, this means you can register your domain as and still access it when you type BESTCL.COM.  

However, everything else that comes after the domain is case-sensitive. For example: 

If the file is saved as; It’s inaccessible when one types

This is because not the same as often you will get an error of 404 pages not found. This is because a capital file doesn’t exist on a server.

Why do you need a domain?

  • To get recognized- Google ranks pages according to popularity. The more people search and access your site the more it gets recognized.
  • Create credibility- everyone wants something original; a domain is unique because it can be shared.
  • Create an impression- a good domain attracts clients and keeps them coming. 
  • To sell your brand- the more people get to know about your domain the higher the sales come in.

How do you choose a domain?

Well, a domain needs to be chosen well since it is responsive for selling your website and products.

Here is what to do:

1. Research

This is the first thing one should do. From research, you will know what names are available and what governs them.

Also, you get to brainstorm to get the best name. Besides, you also get to know the prices and that helps you plan.

The research will also help since you will know what’s trending and one can capitalize on that.

2. Make the name short and unique

A short name is easy to remember; uniqueness comes with tweaks. Tweak means changing the spelling.

Transform the name to make sure that it makes one curious. One that makes one want to find out more.

Unique makes sure you stand out. It creates an identity that is brandable and eliminates the chances of infringements.

3. Eliminate complexity

Numbers add complexity to your domain. However, they also make the website look unprofessional.

Let’s not forget double letters which a user might use while searching for your site. This can drive traffic to another site.

Hyphens also aren’t good to use on a domain. Often they are associated with scam sites that users might be suspicious of.

A good name should avoid all these. Be simple yet unique.

4. Easy to spell

Each day people communicate. As they communicate information is passed around.  An easy name will help people market your brand as they converse.

Word of mouth is the best marketing strategy. A pronounceable name makes sure one gets fast as the other mentions it.

5. Keywords

These are the commonly searched names. Including them in the domains will promote the growth of your site.

Every day people are searching for new things. The best way to get more recognition is by using a keyword.

Find a name that relates to your product and the searches. 

How do you register a domain?

Well, since you have already come up with the best name, visit Truehost.

1. Truehost homepage

From the homepage scroll down to Domain Names Registration in Kenya & Web hosting in Kenya.

Alternatively use the menu and select domains. The following shows where you can enter your domain name.

Truehost domain search

2. From the search bar enter your domain and click enter

This then shows you the availability of the domain name and its extensions.

Truehost domain search

The next process is to click buy it now.

3. Domain Configuration

This is where you update the services for your domain. Addon and maybe hosting for the domain.

Truehost domain configuration

Press continue to the next step.

4. Checkout

It’s the final step. One either chooses to pay for the domain or empty the cart. 

Truehost domain checkout

One can use the following methods of payment:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Airtel & Equitel, Mastercard & Visa, ATM, Debit & Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Visa & Mastercard Debit & Credit Cards

As you check out one needs an account and accept the terms and conditions. The account helps one manage their domains.  Different domains have different prices due to their extensions. 

Truehost is the best registrar. Besides, providing the cheapest domains they are secure and reliable.

Here is why Truehost is the best:

1. Reliable

Truehost guarantees a 99.999% uptime. This means that your sites are always active and transactions are smooth.

They also have the best support team that is available 24/7. The team is readily available to assist all.

2. Cheap domains

Truehost ensures there is something for everyone. For as low as Kshs. 100 one can own a domain name.

One doesn’t have to spend a lot to go live with a professional site. Besides, domain services are available.

3. Customer-centric

Truehost is focused on customer success. They offer a high level of domain registration and automated searches for efficiency.

They believe in delivering; success stories from their clients are their driving force for the business.

4. It’s born in Africa

It was founded in Kenya before it grew to South Africa, Nigeria, and now in India. This means that it knows the market world.

Besides, it’s not ready to exploit clients for just a day’s profit. It’s a fair business born in Africa. You don’t need to start up expensively. Stick to the budget and choose truehost to help you grow.

The Best alternatives to Truehost 

1. HostKing

It’s one of the domain registration companies and web service providers that has grown to provide the best services.

HostKing offers the following:

  • Web hosting services
  • Domain registration
  • SSL Certificates
  • Cloud licenses such as cPanel
  • VPS and Dedicated servers

It has both local and international clients. It offers cloud-related services at amazing prices as well as fast speed in all its services.

HostKing one of the Domain registration companies


  • Affordable- customized plans for everyone.
  • Products- have a vast range of products for everyone.
  • Support- they have 24/7 support ready to help.
  • Reliable- their servers and support run on 99.98%.

2. GoDaddy

It is a reputable web service provider. It’s also one of the best domain registration companies in the world.GoDaddy is popular and has been around for a while.

It provides the best services and also has many tools and features. Here are other services that GoDaddy offers:

  • Domains
  • Web Hosting
  • Web Security
  • Marketing 
  • And more.
GoDaddy one of the Domain registration companies


  • Security- GoDaddy ensures you go live in a secure manner.  Get to transact worry free.
  •  Payment options- GoDaddy ensures that you can pay for any service fast and easily.
  • Many features and products- establish your online presence easily and maintain it easily.
  • Ease of use- everyone can develop and manage their websites and other services easily.
  • Support- their team is always ready to help everyone grow.


It’s one of the best web service providers and domain registration companies. They provide the best affordable plans for everyone to grow.

It provides the following:

  • Domains
  • Website builder
  • Web hosting 
  • Web security
  • Emails
  • And more. one of the Domain registration companies


  • Security- they ensure all clients are safe and protected from attacks.
  • Good pricing- their plans are pocket-friendly and everyone has access to them.
  • Have vast plans- get more than one service from them and grow your online presence.
  • Support- have a reliable support team and a vast knowledge base to help everyone grow.

There are other companies one can register a domain. They include:

  • Namecheap
  • HostGator
  • DreamHost
  • Namesilo
  • And more.

The above are just a few domain registration companies. There are many other companies one would choose to use and grow their ideas.

The online market is vast. It may also be difficult when one tries to find the best domain registration companies to use. However, with a plan, one can establish and keep growing affordably. 

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