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These are the second Kenyan country codes. It is the domain that identifies the Kenyan businesses; it is the domain for all Kenyans who are proud to be associated with Kenya. The domain is the Kenyan culture and the pride of all the Kenyan business, organizations and individuals located in Kenya or foreign businesses with Kenyan presence. domain defines your currency, language and who you are; it speaks a lot for your business and helps protect your brand and your identity.

The following are the benefits of having a domain

-It gives a higher ranking in the search. When people are searching for companies in Kenya which offer a particular service; the is ranked the first because it is the second level Kenyan code, therefore it gets a higher ranking over other sites offering the same product.

-It has a short format which is memorable and also professional which makes it easier to brand.

-The domain gives buyers confidence. This is because people tend to buy products from the site of their own native and culture rather than buying from places they do not recognize. They therefore visit sites of their own native and complete their transactions there.

-Helps buyers know your location. domains are known to have physical location in Kenya therefore for online services they are able to know the exact place they will get their goods.

-The domains are the most affordable domain names. They are actually the cheapest domains to register.

The process of registering your domain is very simple and it is only available at ksh.570 at Truehost Kenya.

How to register your domain

Click here and write your domain name on the check box written find your domain name.

After writing your perfect domain name for your business with the extension, click find. The system will check whether the domain you have presented is available for registration.

A code will be provided for you with whom you will use to search for your domain name, type it on the check box provided and click search. The system will ask you to find another name if it is not available (the reason why the system could tell you the domain is not available is because it has already been registered by another business therefore you would need to find another name that is perfect for your business) otherwise continue will the process of registration.

Add the domain to cart, order any other service if you require hosting or an SSL certificate for securing your site if you require no other service click continue.

Fill out the form given.

Complete your order through paying for the domain ksh.570 with any means of payment provided.

After registration your domain is ready to be used on the internet. You can start using your domain for people to find you online.

The domain name is renewed after a year for ksh.1000 only. You can also register the domain name for up to five years with the pricelist given.

Truehost cloud is the best hosting company in Kenya; get to us at and learn more about the services we provide. Make us your service provider today for more reliable and efficient services.

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