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  • Provide one single number that external callers can use to access all persons in a company.
  • Distribute calls to employees in an answering team in an even way; using the
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) feature.
  • Automate call answering, but offering a menu of options from which a user can
  • select to be directed to a specific extension or department.
  • Allow the use of customized business greetings while answering calls.Provide
  • system call management features.
  • Place external callers on hold while waiting for a requested person to answer,
  • and playing music or customized commercial messages for the caller waiting.
  • Record voice messages for any extension from an external caller.
  • Transfer calls between internal extensions.



  • Save up to 80% per year. Low annual license fee.
  • Sender ID for SMS.
  • Bulk SMS system
  • No hardware. Easy and quick set-up.
  • Calls to/from any country in the world at best rates.
  • Unlimited Users/Agents.
  • Choose your own Phone Numbers.
  • FREE for unlimited extensions with Detailed Reports.
  • Through Live Chat & Talk plugin, convert website visitors to clients instantly through calls.
  • Employees/staff on the road/at home call free.
  • Eliminate Inter-office Call Costs
  • Make calls from your CRM, ERP and Accounting systems.
  • Integrates with Freshdesk, Zendesk, Salesforce, Office365, Microsoft Dynamic e.t.c

Smart Call Center Platform Features

Core PBX Features

Extensions   –  Unlimited

Import / Export Extensions via CSV

SIP Trunks / Gateways Support

Call Routing by DID & CID (DDI)

Extensive Codec Support

Receive Voice Mail via Email

Calling Line Identification Presentation (CLIP)

Call Transfers (Blind & Attendant)

Calling Line Identification Restriction (CLIR)

Call Forward on Busy (CFB)

Call Forward on No Answer (CFU)

Hold (CW) incl. Custom Music on Hold

Intercom / Paging / PA Announcements

Call Parking / Pickup

Busy Lamp Field (BLF)

Real Time System Status

Easy Backup and Restore (incl. Scheduled Backup)

3CX SBC Connectivity


Voicemail Transcription

Custom FQDN

Custom SMTP Server

Office Productivity

Sennheiser Headset Integration

Auto Attendant / Digital Receptionist

Ring Extension & Mobile Simultaneously

Integrated Fax Server (Central and per User)

Supported SIP Phones Integration

Manage IP Phones Network Wide

Automatic Plug & Play Phone Provisioning

3CX Apps: Windows and Web ClientiOS, Android

Directory (Company & Private Phonebook)

Sync with Office 365 (Users’ Phonebook)

Call Query against DB & CRM

Hotel PBX Features incl. Fidelio Certified and Mitel Compatible

Web Conference Dial-In

Web Conferencing (incl. Polls, PDF-Share, Screen Share, Remote Assist & Record)

100 Participants*

*Max number of participants per 3CX Instance.

Call Center Features

Call Logging

Click2Call Browser Extension



Website Live Chat and Talk

Call Queue Group Rights Management

CRM Integration

Sync with Office 365 (Azure AD)

Call Queuing

Real Time Statistics & Monitoring

Supervisor Agent Status Override

SLA Alerting




Call & Queue Reporting

Call Recording Transcription and Search

Barge In / Listen In / Whisper

See Group Recordings

Cheap Call Rates for Businesses

Local Calls

All Networks – Ksh. 3/= VAT Inclusive

Toll Free – Ksh. 5.8/= VAT Inclusive (inbound calls)

Toll Free – Ksh. 3/= VAT Inclusive (outbound calls)

International Calls Rates

International destinations have been divided into different zones, based on the cost of the call per minute.

Zone Cost Per Minute (Ksh)Some of the Destination in the zone
A                 3.00Australia, Brazil, Denmark, France, India, Israel, 
B                 5.00Bangladesh, Japan, Russia, Taiwan, Turkey
C               10.00Mozambique, Namibia Mobile, Pakistan Mobile
D               30.00Cameroon, Mali, Mauritius, Morocco


Additional Zones:

E – 50.00 Ksh                                             F – 100.00 Ksh                            G – 200.00 Ksh 

H – 300.00 Ksh                                         I – 500.00 Ksh                             J – 1,000.00 Ksh

United States of America130
United States of America Fixed Alaska190730
United States of America Fixed Free18003
United States of America Fixed Free18553
United States of America Fixed Free18663
United States of America Fixed Free18773
United States of America Fixed Free18803
United States of America Fixed Free18813
United States of America Fixed Free18823
United States of America Fixed Free18883
United States of America Fixed Hawaii180830

Happy Clientele

Contact us before Ordering (check availability)

Smart Call Center

Ksh 149,500/yr

0711 082 ### or 020 790 Phone Number

16 Simultaneous Calls

Unlimited extensions

Free Internal Calls

Online Management Portal

1 year 3CX Professional Licence

Free Ksh. 500 Airtime

Calls at Ksh. 3.5/= to all local networks for Safaricom lines

Calls at Ksh. 3.0/= to all local networks for Telkom lines

Bulk SMS System & Sender ID

5 Free Noise Cancellation Headphones

Android and Iphone Apps

Additional Number – Safaricom

Ksh 30,000/yr

Ksh 6,000 Setup Fee

0711 082 #### Phone Number

Calls at Ksh. 3.5/= to all local networks

Set up Fee Ksh. 6000/=

Cheap International calls

Additional Number – Telkom

Ksh 24,000/yr

020 790 #### Phone Number

Calls at Ksh. 3.0/= to all local networks

Set up Fee Ksh.0/=

Cheap International calls

Site Training

Ksh 50,000

Site Training for Staff & Administrators

Call Center Airtime Top up

Ksh 1,160

Airtime Top up

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