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Buy Domain Online

If you are seeking to buy a domain name, it is obvious that the only place you can buy it is online. A domain name is a service you get, and it is a service that you can only acquire online, as it only use is to point people to a resource that is located on the internet.

What is a Domain?

A domain, or a domain name, is an address that is used to point to a location in the internet. It takes the form of, and is necessary to access a website, send and receive emails or even run some applications online.

Examples of domain names include,,, among others. There are hundreds of different domain extensions that can be used for a domain name.

How to Buy a Domain Name Online

Domain names are sold by domain registrars. These are the institutions that have been given the authority by domain registry to provide the domain name services to the domain registrants.

There are many domain registrars who sell domain online. For example, in Kenya there are registrars such as Truehost Cloud, Sasahost, Kenya web experts and deepAfrica. In Nigeria, there are registrars such as Hostnownow, Domain King, Web4africa and whogohost.

There are other hundreds of domain name registrars all over the world, and one can find them by searching for them on search engines.

Choosing the Registrar to Buy Domain From

The choice of where to buy a domain online can be informed by a number of factors. These include:

~The type of domain that one wants to buy

~The location of the buyer, i.e. country of residence

~The price for the domain that is offered by the domain registrar.

~Availability of other service such as web hosting, servers, SSL certificates and cloud licenses that one needs

~Modes of payment offered by the online registrar.

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