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Buy Cheapest .CO.KE Domains Get Free Web hosting in Kenya

Buy Cheapest .CO.KE Domains Get Free Web hosting in Kenya

In case you have never launched a website before and you are planning to, you should know that you have to select a hosting provider.

There exists both paid and free web hosting services which is why many people are wondering which one they should select. The simple answer is to learn more about the characteristics of these two options. In this article, we will focus  on benefits of hosting  your website online precisely free web hosting in Kenya.

Having a website in today’s ever-evolving online world is a must- especially for small businesses selling products and services. If you plan on having a lot of customers, you need an online presence to give your clients information at the click of a button. If you don’t; you’ll fizzle out in no time without an accessible platform as the backbone of your brand.

whether you are a potential customer in Nigeria, India or Kenya you business idea can be launched online in minutes.This is even made more simplified since there exists cheaper hosting solutions and there have emerged companies offering free web hosting in Kenya and many other countries that can be accessed online.

First of all, the greatest advantage of using free web hosting is the fact that it’s free. You have to pay for the domain name, but you don’t have to pay anything for the hosting service. In most cases, you will have the same standard features found in paid web hosting solutions like uploading different files, handling a file manager etc. Most of these free web hosting providers are offering technical support too. This support may not be as fast and efficient as the ones provided by paid web hosting providers, but it’s still there.

If you are considering why a website is so important – we’ve broken it down for you in the list of advantages below:

Key Benefits of Having a Website for Your Business

Builds Creditability
Just by simply being online, your small business will gain creditability. Think about when you’re looking for a specific item; you have a quick google search and find a website that’s competitive and has great reviews.

That being said, you need to make sure you stay current, look professional and come up in search engines otherwise you’ll lose that status in no-time.

 Simple to Set Up
Many small business owners spend hours trying to build their own rookie site because they don’t want to splash the cash. Building and maintaining a website is easier than ever before with a online website builder, you can have a proficient and speedy network set up in hours. You don’t need to rely on anyone to update it for you; you can use their expert database at any time to keep your site intact.

Cuts Costs
Having an online business can cut the cost of staff, shop rent, tax and utility bills. You can liaise directly with the consumer and arrange the delivery for a fraction of the price. On the other hand, if you’re a larger company and have an internal forum you can interact with your staff members eliminating the need for endless meetings and large travel bills.

Improves Customer Service
It’s a known fact that having a web presence will help you improve your customer service. If you’re a store owner and have staff-members, you can’t oversee them 24/7 to observe how they are interacting with clients. In the online world, however, nothing stays secret; you can monitor your staff’s work and ensure your customers are receiving a speedy and helpful reply.

Makes Your Business Accessible at All Times
A website is available to you and your customers 24/7, 365 days a year. If they are awake at 1 am and are thinking of purchasing something from you, they can click on your site and do this instantaneously –a win-win situation for all. Having an online presence also provides them with the convenience of reviewing your products and services when your store or office is closed.

Targets Larger Markets
Whether you provide products or services, an online website is an alternative location to sell them. You can reach clients that are in another town or country just by simply having a web presence. With our busy lifestyles we are reverting to browsing online – gone are the days where hours are spent in physical shops checking out products. A website can promote your products 100 times faster than a store-front, window display.

A Medium to Showcase Your Work
No matter what type of industry you’re in; a website is a great way to showcase your work. You can do this through an online portfolio, image gallery and customer reviews. You can demonstrate why your business is unique and offer feedback about your work. Take eBay for example – most shoppers base their opinion on the seller after reading recent testimonials.

Allows You to Stay Current
A web presence is a great platform to help you stay up-to-date; you can update your information and add or remove items at the click of a button (faster than you would be able to in real-life). Whether it’s breaking news or the latest trend, if you’re swift, you can beat your competition and release it first.

 Gives You an Online Presence
A 2015 study performed by Verisign reported that “84% consumers believe that small businesses with websites are more credible than ones without an online presence. It also concluded that 65% of consumers consider a company branded email to be more credible than a generic email account such as Gmail,, AOL, or Yahoo mail.” In today’s technical world, you need to have a strong digital brand – as well as a site; you’ll need social media profiles to connect with your users on another platform.

Interaction with Your Customers
Another reason for you to move your business online is that you’re able to interact with your customers globally. This could be through news updates, live chat, email conversations or comments on your page. You’ll be available to offer your expert advice and prove your creditability at any given moment.

Free Web Hosting in Kenya

Free website hosting  is certainly a great way for you to take advantage of a huge range of features and you won’t pay anything for this either. When you do go for free web hosting in Kenya, you’ll find that you can increase your global reach.

Our Hosting

So as you can see, there are plenty of benefits to getting your website hosted for free and you really would be surprised at how easy it is for you to get all of the help and support you need with your site. If you want to find out more then all you have to do is get in touch with us today at Truehost Cloud .

At Truehost your business idea or startup can be easily found online at just the click of a few steps of the mouse in minutes. We are pocket friendly and offer affordable packages that are competitive in the market. Have a look at our website offering Cheapest .CO.KE Domain Name Registration in Kenya with  an option of free web hosting in Kenya

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