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7 things you need to know about cheap domain and web hosting

What is a Domain name..?

Domain name are unique host name that point to a certain IP address, the IP address in return point to a certain server, a server that stores and runs the hosted website or the hosted application files. The Server in this regard becomes the hosting space. Hosting space is offered by thousands of hosting companies globally. Increased competition has led to emerge of cheap domain registration and web hosting.

What is domain hosting?

Domain hosting refer to the activities of registering a domain name with an accredited domain registrar (domain registering company), linking the domain name to a server space, uploading files into the web server (web hosting).

5 qualities to look for while shopping for a Cheap and QUALITY domain hosting

  1. Accreditation of the registrar

Ensure the domain seller is an accredited domain registration entity, ICANN accredits domain registrars globally, there are stringent requirements that a company must meet to get accreditation as a domain name registrar – a quack will not meet the requirements.

  1. Server Response time

Try to ping the web hosting company server.

  • Simply go to cmd of your computer
  • Write the command ping
  • (Replace with the domain name of your domain hosting if you are looking for an alternative webhosting to Truehost Kenya.

The server response includes server response time – anything below 500ms is good for your website. The smaller the response time the better


  1. Customer Support

A good web hosting company or domain registrar should offer quality support to her clients in a timely manner. Truehost Kenya is known for her quality and timely support.

  1. Add-on tools

Beware of domain hosting company that charge cheap prices for the core service but charge exorbitantly for the essential add-ons. Truehost Kenya pricing include the cost for the essential services like email forwarding and dns management

  1. Domain and Hosting Ownership cost/ pricing Policy

Ownership cost refers to the cost you incur for 5 years; beware of registrar that charges nothing for the first year and exorbitantly the years that follow. These domain registrars usually complicate domain transfer options, consequently locking you down to the expensive package. Truehost Kenya pricing policy dictate that pricing and renewal fees information to be availed at registration time and most importantly renewal prices should be the same as the purchase price unless unavoidable price change affects.


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