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5 tips for choosing a cheap SSL certificate in Kenya

5 tips for choosing a cheap SSL certificate in Kenya

Getting a cheap ssl certificate can be quite a daunting task especially when you have no clue on where to obtain them and the best available ssl certificate providers in Kenya.This article offers tips for choosing a cheap ssl certificate in Kenya kindly read it to the end for more.

SSL certificates are a standard requirement for any website today. Every website needs to have an SSL certificate for the following reasons:

  1. It gives your website visitors confidence when visiting your website.
  2. It protects your data through encryption.
  3. An SSL certificate can help users identify your site.
  4. An SSL certificate gives a website a higher SEO ranking.

With this in mind, one needs to choose a suitable SSL to use on their website. One of the main considerations when acquiring an SSL certificate in Kenya to use on your website is the cost, and there are several options available in Kenya, depends on the amount of money one wants to spend on the certificate. However, any SSL certificate needs to meet several specifications so as to guarantee security to the website these include:

  • Being acceptable by all major browsers
  • Providing a strong encryption to the data.
  • Being easy to install

There are several SSL certificates available in Kenya that offer maximum protection at an affordable price. One of this is the Let’s Encrypt Free SSL certificate. This is the most popular SSL certificate in Kenya today, and has several advantages such as:

  1. It is offered free of charge
  2. It is accepted by all major browsers
  3. It provides a strong 256 bit encryption
  4. It is very easy to buy and install
  5. It allows for auto renewal function.

Besides Let’s Encrypt, the other cheap SSL certificate that one can use is the Comodo Positive SSL, also offered by all major web hosting companies in Kenya. Comodo Positive SSL is the most popular premium SSL certificate in Kenya today, and its main features include:

  • Acceptance by all major browsers
  • Strong encryption
  • Comodo Positive SSL is affordable, going for about KES 1000 only

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